Chef`s Recommendation

12. Makani Chicken

Very mild dish cooked with cream and almond butter

13. Chicken/Lamb Pasanda

Tender sliced chicken/lamb pieces cooked in fresh cream, cultured yoghurt and mix ground nuts

 Chicken 9.95
 Lamb 9.95
14. Jhinga Bhuna

Tandoori roasted king sized prawn cooked in thick spicy sauce with tomatoes, onions, green peppers, fresh ground spices and fresh coriander

15. Chicken Bombay

Medium curry with herbs, served with half tomato and potato

16. Chicken Handi

A deliciously medium spicy dish of boneless spring chicken cooked in a handi, and aromatic flavour

17. Keema Mata Chicken/Lamb

Diced tandoori roasted chicken/lamb cooked with mince lamb, chick peas, medium spicy sauce, fresh tomatoes, coriander and aromatic flavour

 Chicken 9.95
 Lamb 9.95
18. King Prawn Chilli Masala

King prawn cooked in onion, tomato, fresh chopped fried masala with ground spice & fried chilli pepper

19. Methi Murgh

Succulent tikkas of chicken grilled in the tandoor and then braised peppery fenugreek massala

20. Chicken Acharwala

These dishes are prepared tikka style cooked with fresh garlic and ginger with a touch of mango pickle

21. Chicken Tikka Garlic Bhuna

Diced chicken tikka cooked with chopped spring onion, tomatoes, garlic, touch of green herbs

22. Cashewnut Chicken

Cooked in a smooth sauce with cashewnuts